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Supply Chain Management Software & Services

Work with CDI to enhance the way your business manages your back end processes. We are a hands on company with the vision of helping every business we interact with to achieve growth through the streamlining and optimization of their core operations.

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Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP)

CDI Premium is a robust ERP system designed specifically for small to medium sized wholesale distributors and retail businesses

Warehouse Management System

The CDI Warehouse Management System (CDI-WMS) is a software application that supports your warehouse’s day-to-day operations.

Integrated Financial Accounting & Payroll

Improve your operational efficiency through the leveraging of our enterprise resource planning tools

Comprehensive Reporting & Visualization

Create data-rich reports that will allow your team to make impactful decisions on up to date and well organized data


  • Logistic Software
  • Inventory Management Software
  • Supply chain management Software
  • Payroll Software
  • Inventory Control Software
  • Sistema de Control de Inventario
  • Sistema de Programación para Inventarios de Almacén
  • Sistema de Programación de Nóminas
  • ERP-Enterprise Resource Planning
  • Integrated Financial Accounting